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    Missed ministry: What are the top legal issues confronting members of your congregation?

    By Stephen Bloom | January 23, 2010

    Your church is full of vibrant ministries reaching out to meet the pressing needs of congregation and community, as you seek to offer real life expressions of Christ’s love. But are you overlooking one of the most relevant and vital areas of need?

    As a Christian lawyer, I can’t avoid hearing about the legal problems confronting my fellow believers. People confide in me not only at the law office, but at almost every gathering I attend, even Sunday morning services in my own church. And too often, it turns out the only counsel they’ve been getting is the destructive advice of some secular-minded lawyer.

    But you don’t have to stand back and let the people you serve wander alone in the rough and tumble legal arena. You have an amazing opportunity to fill the spiritual void with the healing power of God’s counsel (and believe me, the Bible offers plenty of positive, redemptive legal advice, some of which I humbly attempt to capture in my book, The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues).

    Based on my experience, here are the top legal issues facing the people in your church:

    1) Divorce and family law

    2) Bankruptcy and financial crisis

    3) Injury and accidents

    4) Employment and workplace problems

    5) Criminal incidents

    6) Tax problems

    7) Elder law and estate planning

    Healing, restoration, and forgiveness abound when people struggling with the weight of legal challenges discover the Bible’s rich, constructive (and often very much counter-cultural) advice. Give it to them!

    Question: What legal issues confront the members of your church?

    Topics: Bible, common legal issues |

    3 Responses to “Missed ministry: What are the top legal issues confronting members of your congregation?”

    1. Law firm Manila Says:
      January 27th, 2010 at 3:04 am

      The most common legal issues in our church is about family law and separation one of this is annulment there is no divorce in our country

    2. Ann Schupp Says:
      February 24th, 2010 at 11:07 am

      Wehavean 18year old’single female in our church. She is engaged and pregnant, the church is no longer allowing her to serve in any ministry, they aren’t allowing her Father to serve in any ministry either, because he’s not handling the situation the way the deacons want him to, the church doesn’t have a minister right now. She is engaged to the babie’s daddy, the church doesn’t want them together until they are married. They live with her uncle, in his house, he doesn’t attend their church and he’s not a member, her church is telling her uncle he should not have let her fiance move in, and that he needs to tell him to get out. The girl and her fiance are both believers and they are both saved, they admitted they know its a sin to have premarrital sex, they asked their families and the church for forgiveness, it seems as though the church isn’t forgiving them, they are confused, they were told by someone at church that God forgives and that the church needs to forgive them to. Also, She’s been told she is going to have to meet with the deacons at the church and prove she repented. I talked to a licensed councelor and therapist and she said this shouldn’t be, because the onlyone we owe our repentance to is God. To make matters worse, another girl in the church was in the same situation while she was still in highschool and no one at the church said or did anything to her like they are this other girl. This girl feels like she no longer belongs or is no longer welcome at church, she has went to this church since she was 3 and she has served the church in so many ways. The other girl was allowed to continue serving. We would like your thoughts on this, and on what you think this girl and her family should do. In His name, Ann Schupp

    3. Miriam Says:
      August 24th, 2010 at 11:00 pm

      Jesus said go and sin no more. If she has repented then she should be allowed back into the fellowship