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  • « Good News and Bad News: Primary Election Win Extends Blogging Break | Home

    NOTICE TO READERS: Suspending Activity on “Is There a Lawyer in the Church?” Blawg

    By Stephen Bloom | November 30, 2010

    Because of my recent election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, I am suspending my activity here at “Is There a Lawyer in the Church?”

    I have disabled the comment feature, but I intend to leave the static site available as a resource.

    Your prayers are appreciated as I begin my two-year term of office on December 1, 2010. Thank you and may God bless you!

    You are warmly invited to follow my political journey on facebook (click the pic), on twitter @RepBloom, or via my official legislative website: www.RepBloom.com

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Stephen Bloom

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