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    A page turner - easy to read and yet powerful in applying Scripture to real life situations.

    Sandi Venable, Christian Author
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  • Kind Words

    Thank you for your presentation at Mount St. Mary’s University… It was very refreshing to see the practice of law from a born-again Christian perspective

    Dave Bandy, Attendee
    Presentation at Mount St. Mary’s University

    You are definitely helping the Christian community get back to biblical principles, which we desperately need. I will certainly want to call you again to be on my program.

    Lesley Hurst, Program Director & Host
    Vocal Point, WAFG, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Thank you for being on my show. It was really thought provoking and I enjoyed interviewing you. Please come back and join me again on “Stand and Deliver.”

    Marilyn McGee, Host
    Stand and Deliver Radio Program, WMIE, Cocoa, FL

    It was a real privilege to have you in chapel and thanks for your practical and timely words. You were a blessing and met a real need with our students. Thanks for your impact on our campus, and we will be in touch again in the future.

    Joshua Beers, Vice President for Student Services
    Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School

    Steve is a dedicated and faithful servant to the Lord. He works to make others understand the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    Jolana Rankin, Program Coordinator
    The Clarke Forum, Dickinson College

    If you have an opportunity to book Steve as a guest it would be worth it. Steve had a short feature on our station which focused on legal issues and how to handle them as Christians. It was a very informative and entertaining feature and was well received by our audience. He is very articulate, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

    Pete Hamel, Radio Host & President
    Fortress 1230 AM - One Heart Ministries

    I loved the class, I really did. I have taken so much out of it. You are a great professor and you really inspired me to work hard, for you, myself and God. I love the way you teach, incorporating our faith into each of our exams and classes.

    Economics of Social Issues Student
    Messiah College

    Prof Bloom - Thanks for teaching a great class. I’ve learned a lot and been challenged to think about a lot of things related to finance. I know this class will bless me in the future.

    Personal Finance Student
    Messiah College

    When you hear Steve speak, you can just sense he is touched by Christ’s love. He simplifies the most complicated issues with his ability to communicate clearly and concisely. He always demonstrates a genuine caring for his audience and topic.

    Chuck Vohs, Director
    Carlisle Upward

    As founder of the Estate Planning Council, a highly respected and admired attorney and a dedicated member of the community, you have consistently striven for and achieved the highest levels of personal and professional distinction.

    Tom Ridge, Governor (1995-2001)

    Your candidness and straightforward approach to legal issues was refreshing. Thank you again and continue on in service for Jesus Christ.

    Gene Daugherty
    Carlisle Evangelical Free Church (Men’s Winter Adventure Retreat)

    A highlight of the internship. Was an excellent presenter who offered many great applications of the Gospel to various career paths. His openness and honesty made this event especially good.

    College Student Summer Intern (Seminar Attendee)

    I think it was helpful and cool to see how he is able to incorporate his faith and the Bible into his profession. It was an encouraging opportunity to see how a Christian who isn’t specifically involved in a missionary or church position is able to devote himself to God in every area of his life and to point others toward a Christ-serving life in the process. He did a great job of showing us that the Bible has something to say about everything.

    College Student Summer Intern (Seminar Attendee)

    Many of the students have commented on how cogent they found your presentation to be. Your honesty about your own spiritual journey and the specific examples of issues you have faced in your career were vivid and engaging. That personal touch is largely what made the seminar so effective.

    Peter Krol, College Student Internship Director

    Stephen Bloom has developed a very interesting seminar on estate planning from a Christian perspective. He communicates very clearly and eliminates the legal jargon in order for anyone to understand these important subjects. I highly recommend Steve to any group or congregation as a source of wise counsel and an enjoyable teacher on these important topics.

    Pastor Dave Herr
    Tree of Life Church

    While your competency on legal matters was evident, your ability to explain such abstract concepts in concrete and helpful terms was what generated such a positive response from our listeners. You generated a lot of interest. We look forward to having you back on the program.

    Douglas Keegan, Host
    The Life and Money Show

    We wish to thank you again for the excellent presentation you gave at our membership meeting. As you probably noted, our members were very enthusiastic re your talk and responsiveness to their many questions afterward.

    Albert Magill, Program Committee
    National Association of Retired Federal Employees, Chapter #373

    Thank you for your time and wisdom in helping to lead our Wills Workshop. I was very inspired with your presentation and the way that you handled the questions and queries.

    Pastor John Shellenberger
    First United Methodist Church

    It was a pleasure working with you! Thanks again for an excellent program and your deep commitment to your faith and profession!

    Phyllis Bowers, Executive Director
    The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation of Central Pennsylvania

    Thanks for your participation in our meeting. You were perfect.

    Bill Davidson, First Vice President
    Estate Planning Council of Cumberland County