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    Know lawyers, no peace...

    No lawyers, know peace...

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    Click the highlighted chapters below from the table of contents of The Believer’s Guide to Legal Issues to read for free online!

    Foreword by Samuel Casey, Executive Director of Christian Legal Society (online via my blawg)

    Preface (online via my blawg)


    Chapter 1: The Litigation Trap (online via Christianity 9 to 5 Magazine)

    Chapter 2: The Divorce Industry

    Chapter 3: The Prenuptial Blues

    Chapter 4: The Criminal-Defense Dilemma

    Chapter 5: The Estate-Planning Illusion

    Chapter 6: The Living-Trust Hard Sell

    Chapter 7: The Medicaid-Planning Shell Game

    Chapter 8: The Living-Will Slippery Slope

    Chapter 9: The Bankruptcy Bailout

    Chapter 10: The Business of Ethics

    Chapter 11: The Tax Dance

    Chapter 12: The Real Estate Push

    Chapter 13: The Christian Conciliation Alternative (online via Christianity 9 to 5 Magazine)

    Chapter 14: A Contract with God (An Invitation)

    Appendix: Helpful Resources