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    Know lawyers, no peace...

    No lawyers, know peace...

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    Easy-to-read plain English... Saves you $ in wasted fees... Exposes how lawyers manipulate clients... Gives real hope for real peace...

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    Astute counsel to Christian families. I found myself quickly engrossed in Stephen's practical counsel, examples, illustrations, and his solid stand on Biblical principles when facing legal issues.

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    Midwest Book Review
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    Media bookings should be arranged through my publicist, Don Otis at Veritas Communications, Inc. Contact Don by phone at 719-275-7775 or email.

    Live presentations should be arranged with me directly by phone at 717-249-7717 or email (sbloom @ practicalcounsel.com). I’ll be pleased to talk with you about focusing my emphasis to best serve the needs of your organization and your intended audience. My speaking honorarium is generally set in accordance with my prevailing rate schedule (reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses is also customary). But please, don’t let finances be an obstacle! I’m open to exploring creative “win-win” alternative solutions!

    Inquiries about legal representation should be made through my law firm, Irwin & McKnight P.C. (sbloom @ irwinmcknight.com).

    Inquiries about academic matters should be made through my office in the Department of Management & Business at Messiah College (sbloom @ messiah.edu).

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